We love to box. For better confidence, self defense, and for general fitness

Individual or Group Training

1 on 1, 2 on 1, or Classes makes it flexible to train when and with who you want

Strength Building

We help you build your strength from the ground up , mentally and physically

Meet Roland

Boxing and Fitness Expert


Roland has been in boxing for 12 years.


Active Boxer

Competed in Amateur Boxing fights in Malta, UK and Australia


Raised by Pros

Spent 3.5 years in Australia gaining boxing experience from well-known coach Nudge Mieli and undefeated pro boxer Mark Lucas


Certified Level 3 in fitness by the Australian College of fitness.
TRX level 1.
AIBA 1 Star.



Roland has a massive passion for boxing and fitness in general


Always Evolving

Roland and Good Vibes Boxing & Fitness are always evolving and improving by always updating the gym facilities and finding better methods for better results.

Adult classes

Boxing & Fitness

Our Boxing & Fitness sessions are targeted for people from any walk of life. Whether you want to learn some skills and get fit or compete in boxing, our classes are catered for you. 


Our classes are structured as follows: 

10 minutes warm up 

25 minutes D Program 

25 minutes Fitness

What is D Program? 

D Program is a structured boxing training program. As a coach, the hardest part of coaching is to design a training session were the advanced and the beginner are both happy in the same session. If it is too advanced, the beginner will feel out of place and vice versa. This is where D program comes into play. We divide every level with coloured hand wraps. 

Level 1 – White Wraps, Level 2 – Yellow Wraps, Level 3 – Purple Wraps, Level 4 – Orange Wraps 

Level 5 – Green Wraps, Level 6 – Blue Wraps, Level 7 – Red Wraps, Level 8 – Black Wraps 


During the 20 minutes D Program in every session every member will be assigned to do boxing according to their wraps colour (according to their level). Every member will work individually on the next step depending on the level. The advanced members will work on more advanced drills while the beginners will work on more basic drills. This is suitable for those who want to improve their boxing but also suitable for those who are not really interested in advanced drills but only interested in basic drills and getting fit for self-confidence and self-defence. 

Every 3 months I will do a small assessment on each member and those who pass the criteria will be given a certificate of completion and also a new coloured hand wraps to move to the next level. Those who don’t wish to move to different levels and just keep doing the basics can stay in their level. We want you to have fun!!

Warm Up

We use the 10-minute warm up to prepare our mind and body for the workout ahead. We slightly increase the body temperature and heart rate with slightly moderate exercises. Warm up also includes some mobility exercises and specific dynamic stretching. 


After a good 20 minutes of technique, we finish the session with a good 30 minutes of fitness training. High intensity training, running, weights, cardio, strength training, ab work…we do it all!! 

Weights & Circuits 

A Strength and conditioning session that goes hand in the hand with the classes above and also cater those who do not want to do any boxing or get some extra fitness sessions combining with their boxing sessions. 

In this session we do body weight training, resistance training, weight training and high intensity training. This class is suitable for every level and every member can push to his/her own limits and above 😊. 


A safe space where both beginners and more experienced individuals are able to practise yoga and meditation and fulfil anything their heart desires; Relaxation, flexibility and toning, inner peace and calmness.  

Kids & Youth Classes 

Kids Boxing 

Kids boxing classes are suitable for kids from year 1 to year 6. In these classes we do general fun fitness workouts which include the basic of boxing. These classes are perfect for kids to get fit, learn discipline and also have fun. 

Youth Boxing 

Youth Boxing classes are suitable for kids from Form 1 to Form 5. In these classes we practise circuit training, boxing, body weight training and some running. 

Those interested and have the necessary skills can also do some sparring. Anyone interested in sparring should talk to the coaches first. 

Personal Training 

Personal Training is customized according to each person’s requirements and level. 

A Fitness Boxing session includes: 

  • 10 minutes general warm up + specific warm up 
  • 20 minutes fitness boxing. Pad work, footwork drills, punching bag and boxing fitness drills. 
  • 20 fitness training- this could vary from strength training, high intensity training or resistance training. This varies depending on clients request and needs. 
  • 10 minutes ab work and stretching. 


A Boxing 1 on 1 training session includes: 

  • 10 minutes general warm up + specific warm up 
  • 10 minutes revision of previous session to check we are ready to move forward 
  • 30 mins pad work or technical work to correct some mistakes & work on the next progression. 
  • 10 mins ab work & Stretch 

If you’re serious about improving your boxing and fitness game, send me a Direct Message on Good Vibes Boxing & Fitness page. I would love to talk. 


Prices are: 1 on 1 

1 session €25 

10 sessions €200 

2 on 1

1 session €35 

10 sessions €300





Gloves €35

T-Shirts €10


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